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ArcticMass starts collaboration with Huaxipharm Co. Ltd.

Today, ArcticMass signed a collaboration contract with the Chinese pharmaceutical company Huaxipharm. We are looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them.


Changes in the management team

In a boardmeeting February 17th a few changes to the management team were decided. Eirikur Vigfusson, the former marketing manager, took over the role of manager. While Margret Thorsteinsdottir, former manager, stepped into the role of R&D manager. Baldur Bragi Sigurdsson continues in his role as laboratory manager.


New phonenumbers at ArcticMass

During office hours +354 555-0200.
After office hours +354 895-4762.


CEO of ArcticMass with a presentation on ASMS 2010

Margrét Thorsteinsdottir, the CEO of ArcticMass, will give a talk on ASMS 2010 in Salt Lake City later today. The title of the presentation is "Chemometric Optimization of LC-MS/MS Method for Quantification of the Biomarker Leukotriene B4 in Support of Gene-to-Clinic Drug Discovery Approach".


We wish all our clients a very merry christmas and a happy new year. Thank you for your support and feedback during these first steps of our company. We are sure it will help us reach the next level.


ArcticMass presented its services at the 5th conference of the Icelandic Chemical Society which was very successful. Our marketing manager, Eiríkur Vigfússon, introduced our services in a short presentation as well as formally opening our website.


Next Saturday, 14.11.09, ArcticMass will be present at the 5th conference of the Icelandic Chemical Society. The theme of the conference is "Chemistry and Innovation" which relates to ArcticMass in a way since it is a newly founded company and the only bioanalytical company in Iceland that specializes in mass spectrometry. ArcicMass will be presenting its service portfolio to conference guests. In addition ArcticMass' CEO, Margret Thorsteinsdottir, will be giving a talk with the title "A Multivariate Approach to Evaluate Differences between a HPLC-MS/MS versus an UPLC-MS/MS Assay for Quantification of a Clinical Candidate and its Metabolites in Plasma"


There was a happy group of people that celebrated the founding of ArcticMass late August. It was founded by the former bioanalytical team of deCode Genetics in order to keep bioanalytical knowledge alive and well in Iceland.

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