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The ArcticMass way

Our experienced scientific team understands the need for timely and accurate results in the fast field of drug discovery and development. Therefore, with our experience in bioanalysis, method development and fast sample preparation we offer flexible bioanalytical services from the discovery process to clinical trials.

Our bioanalytical expertise involves providing quantitative analysis of active drug, its metabolite(s) and relevant biomarkers. The biological matrices include but are not limited to plasma, serum, urine and tissue samples etc., also cell culture media. The key to bioanalysis is the analytical method used which is selected on the basis of the characteristics of the compound, like hydrophobicity and structure.

Drug Discovery services

ArcticMass, has extensive experience in in vivo PK/ADME screening, bioanalysis, biomarker analysis, in vitro assays (primary screen) and metabolic profiling. Methods can be developed using a range of analytical techniques including: HPLC, LC-MS, LC-MS/MS and LC-QTOF. Fast method development is achieved by utilizing a chemometric software package.

Pre-Clinical and Clinical Services (GLP)

ArcticMass has vast experience in quantitative bioanalysis (quantification of candidate drugs, metabolites and biomarkers). We offer PK evaluation for bioequivalence studies for regulatory purposes, toxicokinetic studies, safety pharmacology studies and clinical trials.

Our services can be summarized in the following keywords

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